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Guy Deacon - Running on Empty book tour

Guy Deacon's Running on empty book tour

Guy Deacon's Running on empty book tour

Aged 60 and having lived with Parkinson’s disease for over 10 years, Guy Deacon CBE, an ambassador for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust and Parkinson’s Africa, set out for one last adventure: to drive solo from his home in the UK to South Africa. This incredible journey, crossing Europe and the full length of Africa, would take the former army officer over 12 months, 18,000 miles, 25 countries, 9 breakdowns, an emergency evacuation, and 3650 prescription pills.

Guy began his latest endeavour on World Parkinson's Day, Thursday, April 11: a UK-wide tour to promote his book Running on Empty and a forthcoming Channel 4 documentary.

Running on Empty by Guy Deacon is published by Ad Lib for £9.99, with all proceeds going to Parkinson’s charities. For more information, visit and find out about the book here:

Find your nearest event and join Guy on his book tour. The discussions will focus on his incredible trip as well as the stories of others living with Parkinson's in the UK, Africa, and elsewhere.

Additional info:

Most activities are public; however, capacity is restricted. All events require tickets. In instances where a fee is imposed, it serves to offset expenses and generate a nominal contribution to the three key charitable organisations that Guy endorses: Cure Parkinson's Trust, Parkinson's Africa, and The Deacon Foundation.

Local Parkinson's groups, village communities, dining societies, schools, etc. might request customised talks. To schedule a group talk, contact Guy's team using the link below:

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