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We Care

You are not alone


Parkinson's Africa does not directly provide clinical services to people with Parkinson's disease or their carers, but instead collaborates with local partners, medical professionals, other foundations, and hospitals to enable and facilitate access to clinical services where possible. We are also part of the PD Avengers Medication Equity Group, which seeks a long-term solution to ensure equitable access to medication in hard-to-reach communities.

Among our projects is the formation of partnerships with medical professionals and academics who help us develop health materials about Parkinson's disease, provide health screenings and examinations to individuals, and facilitate medication access. We presently help over 400 people gain access to medication thanks to our local partners and organisations. If you'd like to partner, fund, or provide any of the clinical services above, please contact us.

Among the health materials are the following documents that give details of some of the more common Parkinson's symptoms: They are currently available in English and Swahili and were put together by Dr. Natasha Fothergill-Misbah.

The following files are available as PDF downloads