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Educational resources now available in several African languages!
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SEE Parkinson's

A Parkinson's Disease Health Literacy Initiative

Supporting • Educating • Empowering

Africans affected by Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson's disease is the fastest growing neurological condition in the world, and the rate of increase in Africa is gradually rising. There is a general lack of awareness of Parkinson's disease across Africa, and many people across the continent misunderstand and/or are misinformed about the disease. Informational and educational materials, in local African languages and using culturally relevant and relatable visuals, are practically nonexistent; thereby, limiting an affected person's ability to make proper health decisions.

SEE Parkinson's is a Parkinson's disease health literacy initiative seeking to address the aforementioned issue by equipping Africans affected by Parkinson's disease with the Support, Education, and Empowerment needed to make informed and appropriate health decisions relating to Parkinson's disease. These resources - which will be created in English and translated into 11 different African languages - will include printed and digital educational leaflets, explainer animation videos, and informational/awareness videos. The 11 languages are: Arabic, Swahili, Yoruba, French, Twi, Luganda, Igbo, Somali, Pidgin English, Amharic, and Hausa.

Brought to you by Parkinson's Africa and IPDGC-Africa.

Sponsored by UCL Grand Challenges and Global Engagement offices.


Live Empowered.

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