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Health Literacy

S.E.E. Parkinson's Health Literacy Campaign

S.E.E. Parkinson's Health Literacy Campaign

The burden of Parkinson's disease in Africa is expected to rise by 20–40% in the coming 20 years. In most African languages, the disease does not even have a name; often it is simply described as the shaking illness. Such misconceptions result in delayed diagnosis, maltreatment, and stigmatization, and patients are isolated from friends, families, and communities.

Please read this wonderful article about the S.E.E. Parkinson's Health Literacy Campaign for Parkinson's disease in Africa, which is a collaboration with IPDGC-Africa, funded by the Sustainable Development Goals: Pathways to Achievement, a joint call from Grand Challenges, UCL's Sustainable Development Goals Initiative, and Global Engagement (2020–21). A second phase of the campaign is planned for release in April 2023.

Read the article.

Educational materials in several African languages.

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